The Haunted Mansion Collection is NOW available while supplies last!


Meagan Meli received a BFA in Illustration in 2015 from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is a freelance illustrator native to Brooklyn, NY, living with her husband and two cats. Meagan’s work is highly influenced by historic symbolism found in cemeteries, medical, and occult illustrations. After a series of devastating events, she began frequenting Green-Wood Cemetery as inspiration. Naturally, the theme of death, grieving, and mourning symbolism became consistent in her artwork. Meagan's motive is not to bring melancholy, but to remind us that death is around us, but to accept it in it's forms. Her focus is to help those who are grieving, and need help working their way through it.

Meagan is releasing special, one of a kind pieces ranging from trinket boxes, to brooches, and other accessories to provide a small keepsake or memorial for those who lost a loved one.

Each article of clothing is printed on the Bella + Canvas brand. To learn more about the brand, please visit their website.