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In Ictu Oculi Print

In Ictu Oculi Print

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This print measures 8.5" x 11" 130 lb cardstock.

This was my piece for the Copro Gallery show Conjoined vs Grotesque, curated by Chet Zar and Jeremy Wagner! This piece is called "In Ictu Oculi", which means "in the blink of an eye" in Latin. Inspired by my experiences in 2018, and love for Spanish baroque paintings, I created this as an attempt to rekindle the excitement I had to create work as I did when I began 2018. Last year drained me of everything, robbed me of happiness in multiple aspects in the blink of an eye. I revisited my favorite subject matter of conjoined twins to create a Phoenix moment for myself and go into 2019 reborn

In Ictu Oculi
8" x 11"
Original is available via Copro Gallery