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Hand of Glory Print

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This print measures 5.5" x 8.5" with rounded edges and 130 lb gloss cardstock.

This piece was created for the OCCULT exhibition created by the Mystic Museum and Blackcraft Cult. The original has been sold. 

The Hand of Glory, a dried and pickled hand of a man who had been hanged, typically the left hand or the hand that "did the deed" would be taken. Once the hand was preserved, candles made of fat from the murderers body were fitted for the hand, and eventually dipped in wax for proper use. When the fingers/candles were burning, the hand of glory had the ability to freeze people in their footsteps and make them speechless! This made Hands of Glory highly sought after for theives. Supposedly, if theives were about to burglarize a home they would light all of the candles on the hand. If the thumb wouldn't light that meant someone was awake, and couldn't fall to the Hand of Glory's charms. The only way to put out the flames of the hand was to use milk to extinguish it.

There is a lot of mystery around the Hand of Glory, not only were their theives tools but they were associated with witches in the 1500s. Many short stories in folk lore and occultism exist about the Hand of Glory!