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Dead Man's Brain - FRAMED ORIGINAL
Dead Man's Brain - FRAMED ORIGINAL

Dead Man's Brain - FRAMED ORIGINAL

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Inspired by the story Dead Man's Brain from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, this 6" x 8" graphite drawing in an oval mat in a 9" x 12" frame is ready to hang!

Once in this town, there lived a man named Brown. It was years ago on this night, that he was murdered out of spite. We have here his remains.

First, let's feel his brains. [Which is a wet, squishy tomato]
Now here are his eyes, still frozen with surprise. [Two peeled grapes]
This is his nose. [A chicken bone]
Here is his ear. [A dried apricot]
And here is his hand, rotting flesh and bone. [A cloth or rubber glove filled with mud or ice]
But his hair still grows. [A handful of corn silk or wet fur or yarn]
And his heart still beats, now and then. [A piece of raw liver] And his blood still flows. Dip you fingers in it. It's nice and warm. [A bowl of ketchup, thinned with warm water.] That's all there is, except for these worms. They are the ones that ate the rest of him. [A handful of wet cooked spaghetti noodles.]