Heart Broken Lover's Eye - Purple

Heart Broken Lover's Eye - Purple

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This piece framed measures a total of 3" x 3.5", and the painting is 1.75" x 2". The frame is antique brass from Italy, the back is lined with black velvet, and features a chain for safe hanging. There IS NO GLASS to protect this piece, but it is varnished 2x with UV protectant. 

Inspect the photos closely. 

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Lover’s Eyes once were tiny personal portraits gifted to missed partners while on a journey in the 19th century. Originating in the Georgian period, these were commonly made. As time went on they became items worn by those in mourning, not only of lovers, but of family members. I created the ghostly eyes so they can be worn by anyone to represent those they miss, or mourn those that have been lost.